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The last 6 months: Textile has reached 5.3 billion USD turnover?
Specifically, the price of raw cotton has increased by 30% over the previous year, interest rates are continuously rising early, causing increased costs, reduced profits. Besides high inflation has a direct impact to the human resources of Vietnam's garment industry, making labor issues become more severe. Currently, businesses with foreign investment accounted for 45% of total exports, but these enterprises are experiencing difficulties due to striking workers too much. Besides, Vietnam has to compete fiercely with rivals on the international markets such as China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia ... Difficult but not implemented due to the remarks of Mr An , Chairman of Vietnam Textile and Garment Association on the ability to perform tasks that the Government exports for textile industry. In the current difficult conditions, if the company identified a strategy for their business correctly, can still compete well, because besides the challenges, Vietnam's garment still has the competitive advantage. First, the current lot line should not fear a lack of orders. The export value of Vietnam's textile and apparel in major markets like the U.S. are classified as countries with high export should not fear anti-dumping issues. The average of Vietnam into the United States is 3.8 m2. Meanwhile, the average world export of textiles and garments to the U.S. only 2.7 m2, while China has only 1.5 m2 ... Before the challenges and advantages, to meet the targets of export 5.3 billion USD in six months last year, requiring the efforts of enterprises and institutions associated with traveling. Specifically, the lack of orders but no matter how the banks enough capital to coordinate supply and process fast help businesses ensure timely delivery. On the enterprise side, need to quickly overcome its weaknesses is that the management level at medium and high level officials as well as labor productivity needs to improve more. On the other hand, the business continued interest in expanding export markets to avoid the risk of focusing too much on a market. For the enterprises with foreign investment, the immediate need to resolved the problem employee. The company should have a good public relations for transactions with employees is advantageous, avoiding conflicts of cultural differences. At the same time, companies also pay more attention to the employee lives in the context of inflation today. There is such a new and stable production to ensure timely delivery. On the Vietnam Textile and Garment Association has also supported efforts to work with business owners of foreign capital investment to raise concerns and ensure life for workers in the context of inflation today. Because in fact, the average salary of workers in this area is even lower wages of textile units in the country. Otherwise the employee must also be aware, there must be a spirit of cooperation both sitting on a boat, so if foreign enterprises unprofitable, closing factories, the workers themselves also unemployed. So, there should be representatives of organized negotiation rather than voluntary resignation strike indiscriminately.
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