Stainless steel coil 400s / 300s / 200s

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Stainless steel (Inox) in rolls
Product code: SUS 400s / 300s / 200s
Thickness: 0.4 ~ 10.0mm
Wide width: Slitting on demand
Length: In kg, or as required
Hardness: H, EH, 1 / 2H, 3 / 4H, BA, 2B …
Supply ability: Upon request
Standard packing: Roll
Origin: Korea, Taiwan, Europe
Nationwide Delivery

Main properties

Good durability
Good ductility
Excellent corrosion ability
Suitable for welding, forming and drawing /


Common applications of stainless steels are widely used for a variety of applications

– Interior and exterior decorations (tables and chairs, gutters, gutters, roofing sheets, tank legs, water tanks and even architectural constructions or structures)

parts in household electrical appliances (refrigerators, televisions, washing machines …)

kitchen utensils with food safety requirements such as saucepans, pots, knives, spoons, forks and accessories etc.

In addition, applications with higher requirements on durability as well as the ability to withstand harsh environments in the civil industry, food industry, seafood processing

Industries such as motor vehicles, motorcycles, paper, chemicals, turbines

Shipbuilding industries, offshore oil rigs and petrochemical refineries, etc.